Council of Europe @ RightsCon Summit 2023

Gendered Hate Speech, often intersecting with other hate biases, is a particularly pervasive form of hate speech.  Online it can be disseminated very quickly and widely, and its persistent availability can exacerbate its impact, including offline, and transmit and strengthen existing gender stereotypes and contribute to the perpetuation of sexism. Civil Society organizations (CSOs) are most often at the forefront of addressing these challenges.

This hybrid roundtable session seeks to collect promising practices and recommendations from CSOs and other interested participants on how to effectively ensure a gender sensitive approach when implementing policies and strategies to prevent and combat hate speech, with a pragmatic focus on the recently adopted Council of Europe Recommendation on Combating Hate Speech and how to ensure its implementation in practice.

The session will start with quick-paced exercise consisting of brainstorm, share and extrapolate steps in subgroups. The main aim is to capture participants’ experiences and reflections based on three guiding questions:

  1. What are the challenges to ensure gender-sensitive approach to combat hate speech?
  2. Which experiences, practices and other creative ideas have worked in practice?
  3. Which concrete steps should be taken next and by whom?  The sub-groups will collect their insights and present it in the plenary session.

Then participants will engage in an informed discussion with the speakers, facilitators and participants, building on the inputs of the subgroups. The session concludes with time for participants to post on a large report card, their reflections and concrete suggestions for next steps, a shared document that will remain available online after the session to facilitate the collection of further inputs.


  • Menno ETTEMA, Administrator, Council of Europe – Anti-Discrimination Department
  • Giulia LUCCHESE, Administrator, Council of Europe – Media and Information Society Department


  • Antonina CHEREVKO, Senior Adviser, OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media; and former member of Council of Europe Expert Committee on Combating Hate Speech
  • Claudia FRATANGELI, Project Coordinator, Chayn Italia –
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